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Teeth Whitening

We offer several options when it comes to whitening your teeth:

Trèswhite Supreme by Opalescence - This is our most affordable option. Like the trays and strips you see in the stores, these are disposable, however they have a stronger whitening agent. This allows you to whiten at a faster pace, or whiten more over the same time period as the others.

Custom Take Home Trays - This option is more expensive because we take impressions of your teeth and make custom trays for you to use at home along with a kit that includes; whitening solution (this solution is even stronger than the solution used in our disposable trays), instructions on how to properly use your new trays and a tube of whitening toothpaste.

In-Office Bleaching - With this option, our hygienist will use the strongest whitening solution we offer. You can whiten up to 4 shades in one hour. She will then give you a maintenance kit to take home. This maintenance kit will include; extra bleaching solution to maintain your shade or, if you choose, whiten further, custom trays for the solution, fluoride to decrease tooth sensitivity after your bleaching, instructions on how to maintain your shade and whiten further, plus a whitening toothpaste.

One Day Dentures

We are able to process both our economy and custom dentures in one day. If you choose to have the one day dentures you must have an 8:00 a.m. or 8:30 a.m. appointment. These dentures are not for patients who have not yet had their teeth extracted.

Basic Dentures

Economy - Our least expensive option, a basic denture, made in acrylic with an expected denture life of 3 to 5 years. This is also the denture we offer as a temporary if you are choosing to have immediate dentures made.

Custom - With this denture you can choose your size and shade of teeth. You will also be able to decide if you like the appearance of your new dentures with a wax try-in, before we process them. This denture is also acrylic and the expected denture life is 7 to 10 years.

Premium - This denture is processed to make the acrylic base more dense and durable. There is a wider range of sizes and shades from which to choose. You will also get to do a wax try-in to approve the appearance before we process the dentures. This denture is also acrylic and has an expected life of 15 to 20 years.

Bio-Blend - Our best denture with a more dense and durable acrylic base, it offers the widest range of sizes and shades.  They feature the most natural-looking teeth, covered by a 1 year warranty on those teeth. You may choose porcelain or acrylic teeth. You also get to approve the appearance of the teeth with a wax try-in. The expected denture life is 20+ years.

Immediate Dentures

If you would like a denture to be inserted as soon as your teeth are pulled, this will be your choice of denture. This route is more expensive for several reasons.  We will take impressions for the dentures before your teeth are pulled, which changes the way we process the denture.  We will essentially “pull” the teeth from your model before making the denture, which requires follow up.  At your choice, we may include a temporary denture along with the cost of a permanent denture.

What is the difference between temporary dentures and permanent dentures?

When you first have your teeth extracted, your gums will begin to heal. As this happens your gums will shrink, causing your dentures to become loose.  You may choose to have a temporary denture made to wear during this healing process. Once healed, we will take a new impression for a permanent denture.  Alternately, you may choose to wear your permanent throughout the healing process and come in later for a permanent reline to fit that denture to the new contours of your gums.

Temporary Dentures

At our office, we offer the economy denture as a temporary denture for the same price as a reline. This cost will simply be added to the overall total of your immediate denture. You will wear this temporary denture throughout the healing process.

During this time you may choose to come in for tissue conditioners. Tissue conditioners are a soft, medicated temporary liner that will soothe your gums as well as tighten the dentures a bit as you’re healing. Generally you do not need more than three of these during the healing process.

Once you are finished healing, and we believe your gums will not shrink significantly more, you will come in to get a new impression for your permanent denture. This denture will already have been paid for, so this will be at no additional charge to you unless you choose to upgrade.

Since you chose to have the temporary denture made, that temporary denture becomes a spare.  In the case of loss or damage to your permanent denture, you may have this denture relined as well.

Permanent Denture (no temporary) - Should you choose to simply have your permanent denture inserted at the time of extractions, you may still wish to come in for tissue conditioners as you are healing. However, once your healing process is over, and we believe your gums will not shrink significantly more, you will come in to get an impression for a reline. Again, the reline is to tighten your dentures in a more permanent way than the tissue conditioners.

Implant Supported Dentures

If you have chosen to have denture implants, implant surgery will be required, while we cannot perform this surgery, we can refer you to an oral surgeon and help you make the choice as to which implant and abutment would be best for you.  Please call and set up a consultation if you would like to have implant dentures made.

Contact Yarbrough & Brown, Doctors of Dentistry today at 304-529-6636 to schedule your initial consultation, or browse the website for more information about dental services or pricing.

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